Halloween Pics

I was bummed that we missed Halloween with the kids because of the trouble we had getting out of New York so the day after we got home I put the kids back into their costumes so I could take a few photos.

We even walked across the street to an understanding friend’s house so I could hear Mimi chirp “thick or treat!” and drove to my mother-in-law’s so she could see the kids in their costumes.

Vacations are awesome (even those interrupted by hurricanes) but it’s great to be home.

With a Little Help from My Friends

Do you remember how much I loved this band jacket Stella McCartney did for Gap Kids? Well, my super seamstress sister-in-law Miranda did. She made E his very own marching band jacket for Christmas! And she didn’t just make one, she also made a jacket for her son L (I know, I know–her sewing skills are insane).

Aren’t these cousins cute together? L is two months older than E to the day and they love playing together. L’s coming over for a few hours today and I’m sure the two of them will have a great time tearing apart my house. E loves L so much that whenever it’s time to say goodbye E cries and cries.

But at least now he can look stylish while he cries.

Halloween Pics

E loved the Halloween festivities this weekend. On Friday afternoon I took him to N’s office for their party. E was a little apprehensive at first but very quickly got the gist of the holiday (i.e. candy) and would scoot up to people and mumble “icko-reet!”

E as a dog and me in my cop-out black cat costume.

N and his team at work rockin’ it out as an 80s hair band.
(Note: this is the only photo of N wearing jeans you will probably ever see. He hasn’t owned a pair since he was 14. I had to go to a thrift store and buy these especially for his costume.

Before this weekend E had only had candy on a few occasions. But he very quickly learned how to say “candy” and has been running around the house trying to wheedle pieces from us all weekend. On Saturday evening I had planned on just taking him to a few houses but he insisted on going all the way around the block but then lost steam and I had to tow him back home.

All things considered, it was the best Halloween I’ve had in a long time.

Happy Halloween!

E seems to be feeling better. So far he hasn’t thrown up since yesterday morning (knock on wood) and seems to have some of his appetite back. The doctor said that E would stop being contagious 24 hours after his fever broke and it broke on Wednesday night, so if E’s still feeling better this afternoon I’m going to dress him in his costume and take him by N’s office and maybe my office if there’s time.

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s Halloween already! E was actually due last Halloween but he wasn’t born until a week later. It’s been a great year.

Happy Valentine’s Day

E.’s still a little under the weather, but I think he’s on the mend. I don’t know if it’s because he’s sick or if it’s just a stage, but he’s been drooling like crazy these last few days. His little chin is getting pretty chapped. He’s also started focusing on his hands a lot and often puts them in his mouth along with anything he can grab–so his drool gets on everything within his reach. Lovely!
Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day from E. and me!