For the Christmas Card

Yesterday I snapped some photos of E for a Christmas card. I’m trying to decide which of these first two to use for the card. What do you think–any strong opinions?

As he’s gotten older E has less and less patience when it comes to having his photo taken. After about 5 minutes the situation dissolved into this (only with more spittle than pictured flying around the room).

In the Morning Before Church

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my new iPhone. It’s been handy to always have a camera/video camera with me. I downloaded the Hipstamatic photo app and used it to snap these while we hanging out before church yesterday. They remind me of shooting with my Holga only with instant gratification (but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for film).

E Turns Three!

E’s third birthday was over the weekend. E is nuts for balloons so I surprised him with a bunch and then that evening we had a pretty low-key celebration: the three of us went out for dinner and then back to the house for cupcakes and presents.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three years since E was born. Maybe it was just the pregnancy hormones but I was surprised by how sentimental I felt about this birthday. E’s just such a great little guy. We feel so grateful to have him in our family.

More Fish Market Photos

I thought I’d be finished posting photos from our trip this week but I still have a few more that I’ll post here and there over the next few weeks. But this is the last photo-intensive post. These are from our second trip to the Jagalchi fish market. The first time we went my camera was acting up and I didn’t get any photos so when we were in the neighborhood again we made another quick visit.

These fish mongers were super nice to E and pulled a live crab and octopus out so he could touch them.

This older gentleman bargained with this vendor for quite a while.

A storekeeper makes a joking pass at kidnapping E. E was somewhat unsure about the situation.

We have a lot of stuff going on this weekend. I need to make a batch of cupcakes and wrap presents so we can celebrate E’s 3rd birthday tonight. The three of us usually hang out together on Saturdays but this weekend we’re dividing and conquering: N is attending the BYU-UNLV football game with people from his office and E and I are going to make the trek out to the warehouse store with my mom who’s in town visiting my sister.

Hopefully BYU wins and I find an awesome bargain!

More Temple Photos

I still have quite a few photos from our trip to Korea that I wanted to post so I hope everyone’s not sick of them yet. I’ll be posting some more this week and then wrapping it up.

Like I mentioned before, we visited several Buddhist temples while we were there. These are pictures from our trip to Bulguksa.

The trees were just starting to turn when we were there. I bet they’re stunning right now.

E pretending to be a monster–Rawr!

E is nuts about drums and likes turtles so this was easily his favorite part of the temple.

People stacking rocks for blessings/good luck. E really wanted to get right in there but we were horrified at the idea of him knocking down someone else’s stack so we set him up off to the side with a few rocks of his own.

Looking at these photos is funny because our trip already seems so far away even though it was just a few weeks ago. Coming home to being sick, a messy house, and a lot of work to do for my job jolted me back to reality none too gently. But even still there’s something comforting about getting back to the daily grind.