E Starts 3rd Grade

We sent E off to his first day of 3rd grade today!  He had mixed feelings about going back to school (mostly concerns about how it would impact his computer game time, ha).

But fortunately he came home from school happy about seeing his friends and excited about his class.  We’ve had a great summer but to be honest I’m really looking forward to getting into our school year groove.  Our schedule feels like an advance level of Tetris and I kind of wish I could skip ahead to the end of September when I have everything fit into place.

The most exciting aspect of this year is that Mimi is starting kindergarten. *gulp*  It starts next Monday and both her and I have COMPLICATED FEELINGS.

Compared with the thought of sending Mimi off, today with E was pretty low-key.  He’s been at his school since kindergarten and we all love it.


I’m looking forward to a great year with our smart, quirky, funny, enthusiastic third-grader 🙂


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