Lattin’s Cider Mill

I’ve been going through photos from the last year and came across some I never posted here.  These are from our visit last summer to see my parents and brother.  I loved growing up in western Washington and really enjoy going back for visits, especially in the summer.

While we were in Olympia my mom and I took the kids to Lattin’s Country Cider Mill.  I had never been there before but I was totally charmed.  The cider and doughnuts were tasty and walking around to look at the animals was free.

My mom and the kids.
My mom and the kids.
We tried a couple fritters fresh from the fryer--delicious!
We tried a couple of fresh fritters–delicious!

Washington Grown

Mimi with an assertive goat.
Mimi with a very assertive goat.
Checking out the huge garden
Checking out the huge garden

I hope we get to go back for another visit this summer 🙂

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