Good-bye Kindergarten!

E's first ride on a school bus
E’s first ride on a school bus (to Farm Country)
Today is E’s last day of kindergarten!  It has been gratifying to see his growth this last year.  Even though E had previously attended preschool, going to kindergarten expanded his world in a major way.  
I’ve experienced few things as simultaneously amusing and heart-wrenching as listening to my firstborn report on the social dynamics of kindergarten as we drive home from school.  Sometimes when I watch him navigate through this larger world he seems so small in comparison.     
E on the first day of kindergarten
E back on the first day of kindergarten

There were lots of special events this last week of school.  On Tuesday, Mimi and I tagged along with E’s class when they walked to a park for a picnic and the next day I helped chaperon the field trip to Farm Country.  
The three kindergarten classes at the school all went together so there were over 75 kids.  I was in charge of a group of 6 (plus Mimi who I brought with me) and wrangling those kids was STRESSFUL!  Because there’s a uniform at E’s school it was difficult to keep track of my group of kids when they were mixed in with 75 other identically-dressed kids running all over the place.  I was sooo relieved when it was time to hand those kids over at the end of the trip 🙂
Kindergarten was wonderful for E but we are excited for summer vacation.  The kids and I are ready to sleep in a bit (no more setting an alarm for 6:15am!) and to have some summer adventures!

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