Recent Snapshots

A few recent snapshots from my phone.

1st row L: Last week E finished his first session of swim lessons.  We had a bit of a scare when he was bopping around in the pool before his class and drifted too far into the deep end and the water started coming up over his mouth but the teacher jumped in and towed him back to the shallow end. We had an extra lesson to make sure he wasn’t traumatized and he seems okay but now has a bit of a fear of going in the deep end by himself which is probably actually helpful for right now.

1st row R: My mom came to visit my sister Jan a while ago and while she was here they made huge batches of kimchi including radish, my favorite! I’m set for at least a couple of months now 🙂

2nd row L: E really wanted to get me some chocolates for Mother’s Day.  I wanted to get some chocolates for my MIL so I just took him to See’s with me and let him pick a few out at the same time.  He adorably asked the lady behind the counter for some “lemon chuckles (truffles), please” (!!!)  And now I annoyingly tell the story to everyone whenever I get the chance.

2nd row R: My talented and lovely college friend Erica was great in a local production of Hello Dolly! She’s going to be in the Scarlet Pimpernel this summer and I’m excited to see it.

3rd row L: Earlier this week Mimi caught and nasty bug and is still recovering. Boo.

3rd row R: One day E woke up and was grumpy because I wouldn’t let him play video games first thing in the morning.

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