Empire State Building

When we arrived in New York we hit the ground running since we knew we only had a few days before Sandy would hit.  Among other things we visited The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The MoMA, and the Empire State Building.

I couldn’t get enough of the Empire State Building’s Art Deco loveliness. It really is spectacular.

If you’re planning a visit to New York and want to see some sights, you might want to look getting a City Pass.  We bought them before we left and when we used it at the Empire State Building we got to skip part of the line.

You come out ahead if you go to at least four of the attractions and if you go to all six included attractions it’s quite a good deal. 

If you’re interested in helping out those affected by Sandy by purchasing specific items, you can send supplies through Amazon.  We’re donating to our church’s humanitarian fund but it was nice to buy a case of diapers and know that it will be in New York by Friday. 

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