Dinner at Mahider

Ethiopean food

On Saturday night N and I went out for Ethiopian food. We’ve it a few times before but have been wanting to try Mahider which we’ve heard good things about.

Mahider is located in a strip mall adjoining an African market.  It has that cozy, family-run atmosphere that I like in ethnic restaurants.  The staff was friendly and helpful.

We ordered the meat and veggie combo for two.  It was so much food!  The different dishes are served on a big pancake called injera.  Injera is pretty unique from other style of pancakes/crepes that I’ve had; it’s made from a grain called teff and is spongy and tastes very tangy like a strong soughdough.

With Ethiopian food you use your hands to eat, tearing off small pieces of injera and using them to scoop up the different dishes.  It’s fun to try each dish on its own or different combos.  The side dishes ran the gamut from greens and seasoned vegetables to stewed lentils and some deliciously seasoned chicken.  I liked some things better than others but everything was good.

It was a fun dinner.  N and I both like trying new foods and it was definitely different from the restaurants we tend to go to around here.

Mahider is located at 1465 S State St in Salt Lake City.

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