Quail Fire

It’s been so dry and hot that we’ve plagued with bush fires around the state for a few weeks and on Tuesday one started in the hills above my in-laws neighborhood.

My mother-in-law could see flames from their house.  The police knocked on their door and told them they had 5-10 minutes to get out.  We live 20 minutes away so my in-laws and their cat crashed at our house for the evening.

Fortunately the firefighters were able to stop the fire from burning any homes; a barn burned down, though.  And yesterday afternoon my in-laws got the okay to go back home.

I’m so relieved that no one lost their home in the fire.  At night standing on our porch you could see the orange glow of the flames on the mountain.  It was surreal.

Today it rained for the first time in over 30 days which is apparently helping but also hindering firefighting efforts.  The firefighters have been running themselves ragged; hopefully they’ll have some relief soon.

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