“Children At Play” Quilt

I am finally sending this quilt off to to my newest baby nephew.

I fell in love with Sarah Jane’s “Children at Play” fabric line the moment I saw it; it was a lot of fun to work with such great fabrics.  I can’t wait to see her new “Out to Sea” line in person!  

The pattern I used is pretty simple but I thought the long strips showed off the fabrics well.  Even though it was an easy pattern, I still had issues with clipping the corners off of some of the triangles.  (But that just adds to its charm, right?)

After I finished the top I took it to Melissa at So Shabby Quilting and she machine quilted it with a cute rockets-and-stars pattern. She does a great job so if you need something quilted I recommend her work!

I have a few more sewing projects I want to work on but to tell you the truth I’m kind of burned out right now.  Lately, my idea of being productive is folding laundry while I watch Korean dramas on Netflix 🙂

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