Birthday Weekend

I didn’t find my ring but we still have a lovely weekend complete with three (!) birthday dinners.

They sent me a coupon for a free birthday meal so on Friday night we took the kids to Tucano’s. It’s a Brazilian steakhouse where the servers walk around with skewers of various grilled meats and they bang on bongo drums and sing “Happy Birthday” to you in Portuguese. It was kind of crazy but E loved all the spectacle and stuffed himself silly and even ate a grilled chicken heart. I was so proud!

On Saturday night N and I went to The Copper Onion, one of my favorite places in Salt Lake. And then on Sunday we went up to my in-laws’ house for steaks and cake and ice cream.

As a treat I ordered a birthday cake from City Cakes, our favorite local vegan bakery. It was lemon with raspberry filling and “cream cheese” frosting and DELICIOUS. It was super moist and tasty and didn’t taste “off” at all.

E really got a kick out of the weekend’s festivities. When he got up on Friday N prompted him to wish me a happy birthday which he did by saying, “Happy birthday, Mama! I got you an umbrella!” It’s probably a good thing that N kept E out of the loop on the other presents he got me. N was so thoughtful that I felt a bit spoiled. And fortunately none of his gifts is small enough to be lost in the shag carpeting 🙂

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