My First Quilt: Update 3

During these last few weeks we had a lot going on and so I took a break from working on my quilt but after a while I felt the itch to work on it again. So out came my sewing machine and supplies to take over the kitchen table again.

I sewed all of my squares into strips and then pressed the seams open. This step took a lot more time than I thought it would would. (All those little seams!)

Then I took the strips and started sewing them to each other, trying (and often failing) to match up all the short seams.

And then I had a finished quilt top! I’m being a bit of a tease and saving the picture of the completed top for my next post. But I really like this picture of the back because of the texture and because it’s satisfying to look at All Those Seams after I spent so much time on them.

Now I just need to pick out a fabric for the back. I am really stumped on what color to use. I love the look of gray mixed with bright colors in this quilt and was thinking about using a gray back but now I don’t know.

What do you think? Would gray look good or would a brighter print be better?

5 thoughts on “My First Quilt: Update 3”

  1. Hi Faith,
    I've been following your blog for quite a while after finding E's baby eczema picture on a google image search and:
    A. Glad E's eczema-free and doing well
    B. Love Mimi's cute pictures and happy she doesn't have any allergy symptoms
    C. How many awesome robot T's does E have?
    D. You're quilting project is giving me the 'craft itch.'
    E. I'd go with grey!


  2. Wow! Love it. I think gray or a solid bright would look great… depends what you're using it for and what other things in the room you are trying to match??

  3. Thanks for the input, everyone! I stopped by the fabric store today and bought a gray flannel (the one we saw, Gwyn) for the back. I'm so excited! And Jamie, I WISH I was on-the-ball enough to be matching the quilt to a design scheme; I just picked colors that I liked 🙂

    Laura, thanks for introducing yourself. I love it when readers delurk! I'm looking forward to checking out your new blog.

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