My First Quilt: Update 2

Things are looking up! Thank you for being patient with my little pity-party yesterday. You guys are really lovely. My toe has turned a lovely shade of purple but the pain has leveled off and things are getting back to a good normal.

In more cheerful news, I’m still chugging along on my quilt.

After I sewed my blocks together I cut them down the middle and was left with lots of half-square triangles blocks.

Then I took the blocks and pressed their seams open (all 130 of them). It took a while but I worked on it while N and I watched Hello, Dolly! (Seeing the bits of Dolly in countless viewings of WALL-E with E had made me want to watch the whole thing.)

Next I laid the blocks out on the carpet.

And then I clapped my hands together in excitement and squealed like a little girl. Squeee!

4 thoughts on “My First Quilt: Update 2”

  1. WOW! It looks perfect, Faith. You did not make a single mistake cutting – look how everything lines up! Now your toe will match middle of your quilt.

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