Letter to Mimi: Month Four

Dear Mimi,

You’re a lot more coordinated with your hands now and like reaching for toys and cramming them in your mouth. You have a little squeaky giraffe toy and until recently you seemed fairly indifferent to it. But now you like to clutch it when you’re in your car seat and chew on its ears.

You seem so eager to move around on your own. Instead of chilling in your swing you now prefer wiggling around on your play mat. You like grabbing your feet and rocking back and forth and seem to be this close to rolling over.

You continue to be entranced by your big brother. You love watching E bop around and he loves goofing off to make you laugh. You are such a happy baby and bring so much joy into our house.

It’s hard to believe you’re only four months old; it seems like you’ve always been a part of our family. We love having you here and hearing your sweet laugh.



3 thoughts on “Letter to Mimi: Month Four”

  1. Oh she's so cute Faith! And smiley, um pretty much the perfect baby combo ever!

    So even though it's late my vote for your rainbow quilt is to do the mirror image. I want to learn to quilt so badly! But I don't even have a sewing machine yet, so I guess baby steps? Good luck with it & keep us all posted 🙂

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