How Pinteresting!

No, I really don’t need another way to waste time on the interwebs. And yes, I’ve joined Pinterest anyway.

If you haven’t heard about it, Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site where you can save all the neat and lovely things you come across online. There’s a social networking aspect built into it (what doesn’t have one these days?) so you can follow your friends’ bulletin boards. I’m using it to keep track of crafts I want to try, ideas for home decorating, style inspirations, etc…

If you’re interested you can follow my boards here. Pinterest is still in beta so you need an invitation to join but if you want one let me know (leave a comment with your email) and I’ll send one your way.

2 thoughts on “How Pinteresting!”

  1. I've thought about joining so I can stop filling up my bookmarks with craft, recipe, style ideas. Plus, it is just fun to say "pinterest!" Can I have an invite, please?

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