Stretch Marks, Be Gone!

I saw a charming commercial for Merderma Stretch Mark Therapy that said it was clinically proven (science!) to lessen the appearance of stretch marks. And since having a near 11-pound baby left me with some marks on my stomach (and I had a coupon) I thought I’d give it a try. Not that pre-baby I was baring it all in a bikini but you know, a girl likes to look/feel good.

I’m too chicken to post before-and-after photos but I’ll let know how it works. I’ve only been using it for about two weeks (out of the recommended 12) and like it so far. I haven’t noticed any dramatic results yet but my skin is nicely moisturized and the scent isn’t too bad.

So, um, there’s that. It doesn’t solve any of the heart-breaking problems in the world but at least my tummy is well-moisturized.

3 thoughts on “Stretch Marks, Be Gone!”

  1. I got that cream, too! But I haven't used it yet (it was on sale). But so far, I have liked Trivectin (still going through a tube). I used Revitol during pregnancy but it smelled bad. These creams are so expensive, you'll have to let me know how Mederma works out.

  2. only a few on your tummy after an 11 pounder? lucky! i have them from calves to armpits. no joke. and my kid was only 8.2 lbs. if that stuff works (like to really heal the skin and not just to fade them) i'm SO game! keep us posted;)

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