Mimi’s Blessing

Yesterday we took advantage of having Ken and Mindy in town and had Mimi’s blessing at church–a ceremony where she was officially given her name.

I am so grateful that sweet Mimi is part of our family and that our family has been sealed so we can be together always.

When I think about it I feel ridiculously happy.

4 thoughts on “Mimi’s Blessing”

  1. So cute! I love that dress. I love smocking…. Doug's parents are coming Easter weekend so we're blessing Isaiah then, which reminds me, I should try to find something for him to wear. Doug will probably veto smocking though…

  2. I love smocking too! Dresses with it tend to be on the pricey side but I've gotten some good deals on Zulily.com

    And Carol, from time to time they have really cute classic little jumpers for boys.

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