Haircuts and Hotpots

Yesterday was my sister-in-law Miranda’s birthday so we made a morning of it and went and got haircuts and then had lunch.

My hair had grown past the middle of my back and was starting to annoy me. It felt heavy and when I went to bed I felt a bit strangled by it laying around my neck. So I cut a bunch of it off and added some bangs.

My head feels ten pounds lighter! I keep whipping my head around and swishing my hair from side to side, enjoying the feeling of not being weighed down. I’m pretty happy I made the change before the hot weather gets here.

Afterward then we stopped by Shabu Shabu House in Orem for lunch. I had eaten sushi there before but this time we had shabu shabu which was fun and tasty. Years and years ago when I saw shabu shabu cooking on Japanese Iron Chef I wanted to try it and so when N and I lived in Korea the summer after we got married we had it a couple of times and I became a fan.

Even though I’ve had shabu shabu before I was a little rusty on the specifics but the helpful waiter walked us through seasoning the broth and the cooking times of each ingredient. If you’ve never tried shabu shabu it might be a little intimidating the first time you go, but don’t worry, it’s basically like fondue and fun and easy to eat.

This place is great–my only fear is that it will go out of business as a lot of new restaurants do. Do your part to support great non-chain restaurants in Utah County and check it out!

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