Project: Chessboard

I’ve made my mom a cutting board and a jewelry box but hadn’t had the chance to make a woodworking project for dad yet. So when it became apparent that I would have a little extra time after finishing my spice cabinet I made this chessboard for him out of curly maple and mahogany.

I found some chess pieces online that kind of matched and shipped everything off to my dad for Christmas. Apparently my dad was very impressed with the pieces (and the wooden box they came in) because after saying how much he liked the gift he went on and on about how nice the pieces were and asked me if I made them and the box. I was a little surprised and after I stammered, “Um, no…but I made the fancy chessboard by hand!” there was a little awkward pause. Ah, good times!

After everything’s said and done I’m happy I got the chessboard finished in time for Christmas. It came together pretty quickly and it was fun to make. My dad’s a really great guy; with his health issues it felt good to do something nice for him.

1 thought on “Project: Chessboard”

  1. Your chessboard is amazing!! You are so talented, seriously!! I hope to take a woodworking class with you in the future!
    Sorry about not getting back to you last week.. Nick broke his hand, I pulled something in my knee snowboarding… good times. BUT I will still come over and help you now that the gimp is gone. LET ME KNOW! Seriously… and I will bring a face mask from work to avoid contracting E's sickness!

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