Uncle David

My older brother David lives in Omaha so we don’t get to see him that often. But luckily he was in SLC on business earlier this week so we got together at my sister Jan’s house and stuffed our faces with Korean food and caught up.

When I was little I thought he was the coolest ever. While his fashion sense has changed a bit since then he’s still pretty awesome.

4 thoughts on “Uncle David”

  1. Looks like E is into Super Heroes these days…? (Spiderman is SO my favorite. :-D)

    What a cute baby you were!!!! You were the youngest?

  2. E is very much into generic super heroes lately (he doesn't know enough yet to like any in particular). I myself was always kind of a Batman girl. Marvel-wise, X-men all the way.

    And yep, I'm the youngest. Growing up I was left out a bit (as the baby usually is) but now that we're all older it's great.

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