Holgas Pics of Gwyn’s House

I took my Holga camera with me on our drive to Oregon and have a couple of shots that I’ll be posting over the next little while.

On our drive we pulled over at a rest stop somewhere in the middle of Nevada to take a quick break and stretch our legs. This abandoned house was next to the road and I couldn’t resist snapping some shots.

At this point poor E was so sick of being in the car that he repeatedly insisted that this building was “GWYN’S HOUSE!” because we had been telling him all day that we had to stay in the car until we got to Gwyn’s.

So E was pretty disappointed when this shack turned out not to be Gwyn’s and we still had a good 5 hours left in the car. But on the upside when we got to Gwyn’s real house it had glass windows, warm beds, and fun cousins to play with so E got over his disappointment pretty quickly.

3 thoughts on “Holgas Pics of Gwyn’s House”

  1. I love the Holga pictures you take – they are so full of feelings (I know, that sounds kinda cheesy…). So cute that E was hoping this was the destination. 😀

  2. MN, I don't think that's cheesy at all. When I take a photo I'm usually trying to capture a particular feeling so it makes me happy that something does come across to others.

    Thank you for the kind words!

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