Burgers al fresco

One night when we were visiting Oregon we headed into historic scenic little Jacksonville for some tasty burgers. While we were waiting to order at Jasper(‘)s Cafe E threw a massive tantrum complete with some face-smacking but once we went outside to eat he calmed down. The burgers were great and it was nice to be able to eat and let the kids run around together outside.

My Jasperado burger: chorizo, green chili salsa, and pepperjack cheese with extra avocado.

Luckily Jasper’s doesn’t fry with peanut oil so E could enjoyed the french fries.

As you can see, the cousins enjoyed hamming it up together.

Oh carefree meals of vacation, I miss you already.

1 thought on “Burgers al fresco”

  1. Don't you mean extra, EXTRA avocado? 🙂 I like how you got your cheese to drip so perfectly.

    Love that last picture of the cousins. Look at E's hair!

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