Obligatory Photos of Pike Place Market

I know it’s a tourist trap, but I still have soft spot in my heart for Pike Place Market. When I was in high school we would sometimes take field trips there.

Photographically speaking I had a hard time finding anything unique to say about the market. But it was still fun snapping photos.

I think flowers are basically the only thing that’s worth buying at the market. They’re really inexpensive here.

I had a moment of deja vu standing in front of this fortune-telling machine…but then I realized I was just remembering the scene from Big.

If you walk down the ramp in front of the market and around the corner you will find this: a building covered in wads of used chewing gum!

In other news, I have woodworking class tonight. I missed two classes while I was out of town so I’m anxious to make some good progress tonight.

4 thoughts on “Obligatory Photos of Pike Place Market”

  1. I thought the gum wall was pretty funny. But I didn't add my own piece (partly because I didn't have any gum on me and partly because the thought of touching the wall gave me shivers).

  2. Awe, Pike Place!

    Of the dozens of times I've been there (some on field trips too!) I have to admit that I never knew about the gum wall until about 2 years ago. Thanks to my Minnesotan hubby and wikipedia.

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