Holga from The Egyptian

I’m approaching official burnout regarding Sundance; I’m guessing you guys are might be getting tired of it too. The festival ended over the weekend and the awards were given out. I was pleased to see that Red Chapel won best foreign documentary.

Even with the burnout I have one more review that I have to write though, mostly because the movie was so lame I feel the need to warn people about it. But I’ll save that for later. Today I wanted to post a picture I took with my Holga camera when we were up in Ogden last Saturday for Sundance.

The shows we saw played at Peery’s Egyptian Theater, a lovely historic theater. While we waited for the shows to begin we sat and listened to the octogenarian organist play show tunes which was fun. I took this photo by using a long shutter speed and trying standing very still. I obviously wobbled a bit but I like how it turned out.

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