500 Pieces of Prudent Advice

I’ve enjoyed browsing through this blog, 500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for my Daughter. When Jaime Morrison Curtis had a daughter she started writing down things she wanted her daughter to know as she grew up. Some pieces of advice are heartfelt, some are common sense, and some made me laugh.

It made me think about the things I hope E learns as he grows up. Something trite but true that came to mind is that kindness costs nothing to give but benefits everyone. That, and not to eat beans before a date.

How about you? What sort of advice or tips would you want to give your kids?

4 thoughts on “500 Pieces of Prudent Advice”

  1. Don't regret your past. It's brought you to where you are today, taught you lessons and paved the way for your future. Plus, you can't change it — so learn from it and move on.

  2. "If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat." But that one's just for Sam.

    I liked the chopping hair advice. That is something I have never realized before, but it explains why I am often depressed after haircuts. I think I'll pass that one on.

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