Links I Like: Baby Edition

It seems like several bloggers whose sites I read are in some stage or another of having a baby.

Karen Cheng’s Snippets of Life: Karen is a talented graphic designer, Chinese-Australian, and mum to two adorable boys. And her and her husband are trying to conceive baby number 3, who they hope will be a girl. Follow the saga here.

Amalah: Amy’s writing is sassy and funny (with some mild language if that sort of thing bothers you). She has an adorable toddler son, Noah. And after trying for a while, she recently found out she’s pregnant. Amy’s going to be writing a weekly pregnancy column for Alpha Mom throughout her pregnancy. She also writes my favorite beauty advice column, The Advice Smackdown.

Sweet Juniper: This husband (Dutch) and wife (Wood) team just had their second child, a boy. Their writing is well-crafted and thoughtful.

American Family: AmFam recently reflected on the one year anniversary of the adoption of her daughter L.

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