E. at Two Months

E. had his 8-week checkup yesterday. He’s doing well and has turned into quite a big little guy. He weighs 16 and a half lbs. and is 24 and a half inches long, putting him in the 97 percentiles for weight and height. He smiles and likes to “talk” to people and is generally very pleasant.

He also got his first round of shots: two in each leg. It took him a second after the nurse injected the first shot to register the pain, but then he turned beet red and screamed his head off. It was pretty sad. He quieted down as soon as I picked him up and cuddled him though, which was kind of touching and a little flattering.

At the doctor’s, before the shots.

At home, after the shots.

He’s still feeling a little fussy and feverish today. Poor little guy.

E.’s First Christmas

E. with me.

N. helping E. open a present. Note the Maddox-style mohawk. I’m so sad that his hair is rubbing off!

E. enjoying his stocking loot.

E. with his cousin L. (N.’s sister’s son), who is exactly 2 months older than him.
E. with his other cousins that live near by, my sister’s sons. Note the peace sign; he can’t restrain himself. It’s hardwired into his Korean genes.