In which our author attempts an athletic pursuit

I’ve always been more of an indoors type of person, much more prone to reading novels and watching movies than being outside in the heat bopping around and sweating. 

But lately I’ve been thinking that my body could benefit from more bopping around and so when my friend and neighbor Jen asked me if I wanted to take a few golf lessons with her I jumped at the chance.  I like learning new things and hanging out with a friend sans kiddos is always nice.

Tonight was our second out of four lessons and I have to say that I’ve gained a lot of respect for anyone who’s halfway decent at golf.  It is hard!  I never imagined how difficult it could be to swing your arms a particular way.  And we haven’t even tried chipping or putting yet (aye, yai, yai).

We were the worse hitters at the driving range tonight but I think we were having the best time there so I think that means that we won šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “In which our author attempts an athletic pursuit”

  1. Lol…if I ever got up the nerve to go out for roller derby you'd be the first to know! Especially since I'd be dragging you along too šŸ™‚

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