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We are on the mend. Mimi is feeling better and I’m starting to relax about her breathing (or the possible lack thereof). One of the things that has helped quite a bit is the Nosefrida*, a nasal aspirator that you use by putting one end in your mouth and the other end in your baby’s nose and then sucking the snot out of their nose.

It sounds disgusting (both figuratively and literally) but it really is effective. And (very importantly!) there’s a replaceable foam filter in the middle to stop the snot so it doesn’t get into your mouth. I really prefer it to the blue bulb syringe you get at the hospital. I like being able to apply a long pull of suction instead of sticking the bulb syringe in and out of Mimi’s nose repeatedly which freaks her out, can make her little nose bleed, and doesn’t get as much mucus out.

I bought the Nosefrida on a whim before Mimi was born and I am so glad that I already had it when we came home from the hospital. In fact I’m so enamored of it that I might buy a couple for baby gifts. It’s not a very cute gift to receive but I’m pretty sure they’ll thank me later.

*That’s an Amazon Affiliate link

3 thoughts on “Snotsucker”

  1. I totally want one. We've had to use our little blue one a lot with Adam. Everytime it has taken forever to get his nose cleared out and I hate how sad it makes him. I seriously kept thinking "there's got to be a better way!" and now I know there is!

    So sorry about all you've been through in the last few weeks. I'm glad all is well again, but I'm sorry I wasn't helpful. If you ever need anything, please call. We'd be happy to have E over anytime.

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